This is Bali Yoga Wien

How Bali Yoga Wien started

The studio was founded by Beate, who travelled and worked around the world after graduating High School in Innsbruck. She lived in Bali for 22 years, where she had her own family, discovered her passion for health, well-being, nutrition and houses, and also found Yoga.

When her daughter Chiana decided to study in Vienna, Beate accompanied her and returned to Austria whereafter a series of interesting events and a wink of destiny, Bali Yoga Wien, came into form.

What Bali Yoga Wien stands for

It is a unique combination of Beate’s view on Yoga, and her experience of living in both the Eastern and Western world:

“Yoga is a journey of the soul and not just physical exercise. Often the Eastern wisdom and traditions come up short in the West or even lose their meaning completely. I see Bali Yoga Wien as my contribution to this connection, as well as a place of grounding. For those of us living in the cities in Europe, being grounded is so important.

Bali Yoga Wien is the bridge between East and West, the head and heart. Like the word Yoga itself, which comes from “yog” = union, we stand for connection: a person is not seen separately from other people, from the environment and from higher powers. This is the foundation of Bali Yoga Wien and this is reflected in the interaction amongst the team, with the students, how and what we teach, how we live as a community, as well as practice on the mat.”

What we teach

On the mat, Bali Yoga Wien offers various forms of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Back Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Therapeutic Practices. Our teachers are international teachers who teach yoga holistically and focus on each student’s individuality.

The Studio

Bali Yoga Wien has two practice rooms (Yoga Shalas):

  • SHIVA SHALA (57 m² for about 22)
  • BUDDHA SHALA (46m² for about 16)

The Shalas are equipped with:

  • Fans
  • Infra-red Heating
  • Music Systems
  • Iyengar ropes & chairs
  • Yoga Mats and props such as, blocks, rolls, straps, and blankets
  • “Roll & Release” tennis balls

Our reception and bar offers:

  • Chai Tea
  • Lemon-, crystal-, magnesium oxyd water
  • Yoga, Wellness & Fitness Library
  • Community Lounge

We also offer:

  • lockers
  • 2 showers
  • towels to rent for €2