Brigitte Schwarz

Health and well-being have always been important for Brigitte. Since her studies in Pharmacology she has been working in the health and pharma industry. Also, sports and movement have always been a central aspect of her life and so initially the physical aspects of the Yoga practice interested her the most.

Yet, physical and mental challenges have led her to a more holistic approach to her practice by focusing more on the philosophical background of Yoga. Thus, she now sees Yoga as a unique blend of physical and mental training. She has also completed the Bali Yoga Teacher Training, where she was able to dive even deeper into the study of Yoga.

„Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. As you move into the depths of stillness, subtle and powerful changes will become apparent in your life. These will be profound and entirely welcome. Happiness and love is the stuff of which you are made“ (E. Schiffmann).

Why Yoga? Yoga makes you feel good! Brigitte is looking forwad to sharing this experience with you.