This is what former teacher trainees say

Andrea Ennser, Austria

The time in Bali at the Bali Yoga Teacher Training was a quite amazing and inspiring time for me and I couldn’t have chosen it better neither the place nor the teachers Billie and Bruno who guided the group through the process of a beginning transformation with love and consequence. Not to forget mentioning the other teachers of the training as Rachel and Andrew who impressed me with their breathtaking way of teaching.
I will never forget what they all brought into my life!

Nina Ptacek, Austria

teaching from the heart…
living from the heart…
nature paradise, luxury living, healthy, delicious food, great people, unforgettable experience!!!
being encouraged to discover the true self, push the limits, create strength and find peace within…
baliyoga teacher training with lovely beate and bruno: the most inspiring, loving, challenging, life-changing three weeks…so much knowledge, joy, healing, enthusiasm, progress… I feel deeply touched and so blessed that I was part of it!

thank u beate, bruno, andrew, rachel, christine, christa, christiane, daniel, cindy, carmen, raphaela, andrea, the crew of the villa, all the lovely balinese people

Raphaela Schiefersteiner, Austria

The teacher training with Beate, Bruno, Rachel, Andrew, Mirah and the wonderful group of invariably lovely people was the most wonderful experience. I could not ever have chosen a better first teacher training for me – it was perfect! The atmosphere could not have been more loving and comforting, still it was very demanding and a lot to learn during the tight schedule of these 3 weeks in Bali. Nonetheless, Billie did her very very best to include the balinese culture, show us as much as she possibly could of the beautiful island and make the very most of these 3 weeks with us, it was incredible how she filled every second of the day with valuable experiences! We saw, learned and experienced so much and truly transformed permanently in such a positive way. The resort we stayed in can only be described as stunning, a real nourishing oasis in the big oasis of Bali, and all of the staff was so immensely lovely and kind. Billie made sure we had the best quality of food during the training which i personally especially appreciate, truly it was a totally detoxing experience on all levels: the meditation, the yoga, the clean food, and everything else she organised for us on the free days: the massage, the cranio sacral, the spa recommendations, …. The teachers, who were with us at all times, gave their all, and so did the students for a sincerely unforgettable experience. There was room for all questions, and all concerns, we learned so much and I will always remember this unique and phenomenal time exceeding all possible expectations! Thank you!